Ghost City Tours Expands Its Spooky Operations to San Antonio


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San Antonio's so old that there's no shortage of ghost stories and spooky legends that haunt the city — Downtown, in particular. 

And there's a new crew of tour guides moving in to regale locals and tourists alike with ghostly stories about places like the Alamo and The Menger Hotel.

Ghost City Tours, already established in New Orleans, Louisiana; Savannah, Georgia; and Chattanooga, Tennessee, launches for the first time in the Alamo City Friday night at 9 p.m. in front of the Alamo.

Gretchen Upshaw, Ghost City Tours general manager, says the Alamo City's rich history makes it the perfect fit for expansion.

"I grew up in San Antonio. The city taught me the importance of cultural diversity and an appreciation of heritage at a very young age," Upshaw says. "It also opened my mind to the paranormal and encouraged me to explore my own personal experiences." 

The company is sticking to Downtown with a traditional tour, for now, but hopes to stretch its legs by setting up tours for other haunted spots around San Antonio, as well as starting a spooky pub crawl at some point.

For more information about tours and rates, visit Ghost City Tours' website.