Someone Mapped Out All the Pokéstops, Gyms and Rare Spawnings in San Antonio



True Life: Pokémon GO has taken over my life. I make friends drive so I can find new pokestops. I yelled at Bulbasaur while at the yogurt aisle inside Central Market. I may or may not have asked my roommate to drive me to a lure in the middle of a cemetery on the East Side at 10:15 at night only to high-tail it out of there pronto after seeing another car parked at the pokéstop with its hazards on (don't. do. that). My legs are actually sore. 

But! I have met a ton of cool, seemingly normal people while playing and I've learned a ton about the city from historical markers and plaques that double as pokéstops. 

If you're new to San Antonio, or you're a lifelong resident that wants to know more about the area, or you want to be the very best Pokémaster, a Google user has mapped out all of the pokéstops, gyms and rare spawnings to help you out. 

Users can edit the map, and some sabotage (likely Team Valor, I'm just saying...) has already been spotted. As with other parts of the game, be alert at all times, don't drive out to secluded areas on your own and remember the buddy system. Lastly, maybe don't try to catch 'em all inside churches or funeral homes, promise?