"726": San Antonio's New, Second Area Code Starting in 2018


Soon this map will include a new area code for Bexar County. - NORTH AMERICAN NUMBERING ASSOCIATION
  • North American Numbering Association
  • Soon this map will include a new area code for Bexar County.

By early 2018, new numbers in San Antonio probably won't be the iconic 210.

Because of regional growth, an abundance of cellphones and more business landlines being installed, the North American Numbering Plan Association (NANPA) petitioned the Public Utility Commission to let it assign Bexar County a new area code. 

NANPA announced Thursday that the PUC gave the go ahead to make 726 San Antonio's newest area code. And new phone numbers could start being assigned the fresh triple digits by October 2017. At first, new customers can either get 210 or 726 area codes. But again, by 2018, NANPA says there won't be any 210s left to assign. The new code will also apply to small parts of Atascosa, Comal, Guadalupe, Medina and Wilson counties.

According to PUC paperwork, the last time San Antonio had an area code change was 1992, when the city split from Austin's 512. The 726's code longevity is expected to last 33 years, according to PUC paperwork.