The Trump Campaign is Already Congratulating Clinton


This appears to be how Donald Trump’s official campaign website plans to congratulate Hillary Clinton should she win tonight.

It looks like the Trump camp left their campaign website’s archive directory open – meaning, if you know where to looks for such things, you can see into the future. And in one version of said future, Trump loses and America elects its first ever woman president. Seems a certain digital director from San Antonio neglected to lock that stuff down.

We're not sure how this happened or, frankly, how it was even first caught. It does appear the campaign is already aware of it; the banner has already been taken off the site when you click the link. Of course, it's completely plausible that someone hacked into the Trump campaign's website directory using XSS code. And since we're not exactly crack techies around here, the best we can really do right now to explain what that means is to point you to this website.

Probably worth mentioning that, as of this posting, there's still about a two-hour window to vote in Texas if you haven't already. You know, in case anyone wants to make this future a reality.