Shots Fired at Another San Antonio Mall This Week


  • Wikimedia Commons
San Antonio police are searching for two men who allegedly fired gunshots after threatening a pair of women in the Ingram Park Mall parking lot this afternoon. According to witnesses, the men jumped out of a green SUV and yelled "I'm going to kill you!" at the women — causing them to run inside the mall — and then fired a few random shots before leaving the scene. No one was injured.

This is the second scary, gun-related incident at a San Antonio mall so far this week. On Sunday, an attempt to rob a jewelry store inside Rolling Oaks Mall ended in a shootout, leaving one man dead and three with gunshot wounds.

San Antonio Police Department spokesperson Jesse Salame told reporters that the women are shaken up but are "okay." It's unclear if the women, a mother and adult daughter, had any connection to the suspects.