Former State Rep Calls Reporter "Low-Life Son of a Bitch" for Asking about Radical Christianity


  • Molly White,
  • Rep. White.
Following a Capitol forum on the dangers of radical Islam, a political reporter asked the forum's host, Texas House Republican Kyle Biedermann, if he plans on hosting similar hearings on radical Christianity and radical Judaism. Bierderman ignored him. Former Texas Rep. Molly White, however, did not.

"How dare you say that, you low-life son of a bitch," said White, with a look of disgust.

The reporter, Spectrum New's Max Gorden, was fortunate enough to get the exchange on video. He posted it to Twitter shortly afterward.

To refresh your memory, White spent her single term in the statehouse forcing Muslims to pledge their allegiance to the United States. White was replaced by Biedermann, who continued the xenophobic tradition by recently sending a survey out to Texas Muslims asking if they support Shariah law and the Muslim Brotherhood.