SA's Brad Parscale Has Fully Embraced the Trump Administration


Brad Parscale has gone all in with Donald Trump.

First, the San Antonio web designer (co-founder of the local powerhouse digital marketing firm Giles-Parscale and Tech Bloc) led the digital arm of Trump's presidential campaign, crafting Facebook ads to steer Hillary Clinton supporters into Trump's camp and tweeting from the candidate's famously erratic twitter account during debates. Then, he joined "America First Polices," a nonprofit made up of Trump's closest campaign aides with a goal to help market the new administration's "agenda."

Now, Parscale's even starting to talk like his boss.

"Every day I get called a white racist [on Twitter]," he told the San Antonio Express-News on Wednesday. "Anyone who knows me knows that’s not true. All of my friends are all kinds of races."

Because that's the definition of someone who's not racist.

Parscale went on to paint himself as a victim. People only think he's racist because he's tall, bearded, and from Kansas, he told the Express-News. “Talk about being racist and stereotyping, that’s exactly what that is," he said.

Political finance experts have already raised concerns about the new Trump-inspired nonprofit Parscale's joined, America First Policies — specifically because the group, which will fundraise to support Trump's policy ideas, isn't required to disclose is donors. To some, it's simply a lobby group for a sitting president.

Parscale appears to agree, calling the nonprofit a "grass-roots group to go out there and help with the agenda, help the White House to be successful," in an interview with the Associated Press.

Parscale, who created Mayor Ivy Taylor's election campaign website, also said he's considered using his influence to manipulate politics closer to home. The city's most pressing priority, according to Parscale? Its airport.

“I’m really frustrated with the airport situation in San Antonio,” he said. “I really wanted to come back and use some of my weight to fix that … use my talents to pressure candidates on issues to make sure they start to work on this, or I start to entice other candidates or individuals to beat them in their races."

His reasoning? "I have the ability to do so.”