Texas Congressman Tells Man to ‘Shut Up’ at Town Hall Meeting


  • Facebook, Rep. Joe Barton

During a March 11 town hall meeting, Texas Congressman Joe Barton was so perturbed with comments made by a constituent that he ordered him to just “shut up.”

“You, sir, shut up,” he said into the mic while pointing to at speaker.

Leading up the incident, constituents had been questioning Barton on his failure to support measures in Congress intended to combat violence against women. Here's a short video of the encounter recorded by a member of the audience: 

“Now given your voting record, opposing legislation against protection from violence, will you make a commitment to us today,” one man asks, “make a promise that you will reach out to Congresswoman Jackie Speier and work with with her to see this bill successfully through congress?"

“On the first bill that I voted against — that’s a true statement,” Barton responds, “and I voted against it because I think that’s a state issue, not a federal issue.”

In the video you can hear two men yelling over the rest of the crowd to reach Barton, one saying violence against women is a national issue, the other yelling “You represent Texas,” before Barton points his finger and tells the man to shut it.

Go figure such behavior would elicit an angry reaction from the crowd. As one man yelled back, "You don’t tell anybody to shut up. You work for us!"