A North Side Neighborhood Really Wants Its Geese Back


  • Photo via Eden DuckPond
Three geese have gone "missing" from Eden Pond, and a North Side neighborhood would really, really like to have them back.

Folks from the Eden Homeowners Association near Thousand Oaks and Tavern Oaks by McAllister Park are worried someone has stolen their three geese, who went missing sometime last weekend.

The neighborhood is so worried that its offering a reward for their safe return. All three of the geese are female, two are related, and one is named — wait for it — Mother Goose.

"We believe that somebody did this either as a mindless prank," resident John Venner told News4SA, "or took them for – God forbid – consumption or sale." It's certainly possible the geese just wandered over to a different pond. But just in case there is a goose-napper on the loose, the neighborhood association has filed a complaint with SAPD.

If you happen to come across three wondering geese in the area, the neighborhood asks that you call (210) 760-3010 with information.