Eight Food Chains Burglarized Over Weekend


  • Wikimedia commons
In what San Antonio police are calling a "crime spree," a total of seven fast-food chains and one convenience store were burglarized over the weekend. The two latest took place at a Domino's Pizza and Papa John's, both on the North Side, early Monday morning — about an hour apart from each other.

Employees at both pizza chains say the robbery was conducted by a lone man dressed in black and armed with a gun. They stole cash and cell phones before leaving.

This "spree" kicked off early Saturday morning, when three fast food chains along Nacogdoches Road were robbed over the course of an hour. Employees at the targeted Whataburger, Taco Cabana and Papa John's say a group of three armed teenager boys dressed in black led the burglaries. Then, Saturday night, the trio hit an E-Z Mart and Dairy Queen in the Northeast Side (a Subway restaurant was robbed around the same time on the West Side, but police haven't suggested they were connected).

SAPD say no one has been hurt in the burglaries.