Coach Popovich Reportedly Gave a $5,000 Tip at a Memphis Restaurant



Although the Spurs lost both games during their trip to Memphis, one local waiter scored big from the team’s visit last week.

San Antonio’s own Gregg Popovich reportedly left a more than generous tip at McEwen’s Memphis, an upscale restaurant known for its wine selection. According to a picture of a receipt posted on Reddit that has since been deleted, a guest named Gregg Popovich left a $5,000 tip on a $815.73 bill.


Bert Smithe, the restaurant owner, told that Coach Pop is a frequent diner, but didn’t confirm whether the big tipper was in fact the Gregg Popovich we know and love.

Pop has remained mum on the Reddit photo as well, but we’re  pretty sure it belongs to him. Not only was the team staying in Memphis last week, but this wouldn’t be the first time Pop has been recognized for tipping big. Also, McEwen’s is only four blocks away from the FedEx Forum, where Grizzlies play.

We see you, Pop, and we’re not surprised. Would you expect anything less from the legendary coach?