Some Guy Burned a Tim Duncan Jersey and San Antonians Are Pissed About It



We all know that Charles Barkley has beef with San Antonio, specifically the Spurs and San Antonio women  — comments about which he recently “apologized” during last night’s
Inside the NBA segment. We would be salty too if we didn’t win a championship title during a 16-season career.

But we’re puzzled by this man’s problem with the Spurs.

David Sheffield-Scott, a San Antonio resident, is a proud Spurs shit-talker. Not one of those secret Spurs haters, or a Warriors bandwagon fan. Sheffield-Scott hit us where it hurt right after the blowout loss to the Houston Rockets when he posted a photo on Facebook of a Tim Duncan jersey on fire. Even worse, he added a caption spewing hatred for the Silver and Black.

Of course, people immediately reacted, which satisfied Sheffield-Scott, according to an interview with The post was shared more than 1,000 times and had almost 500 comments in less than 24 hours. Sheffield-Scott said his inbox was flooded with death threats and hateful comments, and that he welcomes such attention. Whatever gets you off, right?