Feds Shut Down Truck Company Behind Fatal Smuggling Case


  • Spectrum News, video screenshot
Federal regulators have shut down the trucking company linked to July's fatal immigrant smuggling operation.

Iowa-based Pyle Transportation owned the trailer that had carried up to a hundred undocumented immigrants during the sweltering, unventilated cross-country journey that ended in a San Antonio Walmart parking lot. Ten immigrants died from heat exhaustion and oxygen loss.

On Monday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration marked Pyle Transportation "Out of Service," following a review that found the company had an unsatisfactory safety rating.

According to Pyle Transportation owner Brian Pyle, the company paid contractor James Bradley to use his own truck to deliver a Pyle trailer from Iowa to a buyer in Browsnville, TX. Pyle has said he had no knowledge that his trailer was going to be used for human smuggling.

Bradley has since been indicted on five criminal charges for his role in the smuggling operation and faces life in prison, if convicted.