This San Antonio Woman Can't Stop Hoarding Cats


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A San Antonio woman is facing animal cruelty charges after investigators searched her Northeast Side home and found some 25 cats living in squalid conditions, according to KSAT.

This is not the first time D’Ann Trethan has been in this situation — in 2015, the city's Animal Care Services seized 57 cats, who were all treated for ear mites, from Trethan’s home after investigators found piles of cat feces and extremely high levels of ammonia (a component of cat urine) in her house. In 2007, ACS seized 87 cats from a different home belonging to Trethan.

Photos of the 2015 living conditions can be found here, though they are not for the easily queasy.

Lisa Norwood, a spokeswoman for ACS, told KSAT they’d be pressing charges against Trethan for cat-hoarding. ACS determined Trethan hadn’t improved living conditions for animals in her home after she settled with the city in 2015, paying $3,500 and agreeing that ACS would keep the 57 cats they seized.

San Antonio allows a maximum number of eight cats or five dogs per household, or a total of eight pets combined if there are both cats and dogs in a home.