An Injured Texan Only Got Medical Attention When Promised Big Red


The power of Big Red is real, y'all. Or at least Texans' love for the sweet red soda is.

An elderly East Texas woman in need of medical attention was convinced to go to the hospital, but only with the promise of getting a can of Big Red in return. According to the Tyler Police Department, the woman was found on the floor and had been crawling around since she didn't have the strength to get up.

Paramedics advised the woman to go to the hospital, but said she refused. That is, until a police officer fulfilled her only wish.

"All I want is a Big Red and I will be fine," she allegedly told paramedics.

Sgt. Zack Noble went to the store and got her a can of every Texans' favorite soda (the only acceptable answer is Dr. Pepper).

Paramedics were shocked to see that Noble kept his word and delivered the soda to the woman. Anything to keep a fellow Texan in good health, right?