Coach Pop Just Got His First Presidential Campaign Ad



A syndicated sports radio program — "The Rich Eisen Show” — created a presidential campaign ad on Gregg Popovich's behalf. Well, a parody campaign ad. While it might be just for laughs, it does make some good points.

“Pop cares about the elderly, allowing Tim Duncan to play on his team well into his 80s,” the parody says.
How dare they say that about our Timmy! But the video does manage to drive the sell home with this: “And best of all America, Pop does not have a Twitter account … what more could you ask for?”

Because it's a parody, there's also the counter-attack video. It pokes fun at the Spurs' loss in 2013 (still too soon) and ends with a campaign push for Phil Jackson, who Coach Pop just passed on the list for all-time wins in coaching history.

How would you feel about Coach Pop running for president?