Eastside Man Dies in Accidental House Fire


  • SAFD
A 75-year-old Eastside man died Tuesday morning in a house fire that officials are calling "accidental in nature."

According to Woody Woodward, spokesman for the San Antonio Fire Department, investigators believe the man died after trying to use his stove to warm up the house — that, or trying to extinguish a toaster fire.

Neighbors noticed smoke coming from the Jefferson Heights home shortly before 9 a.m. Tuesday. One neighbor managed to break through the man's burglar bars to get inside the house and try to pull the "smoldering" man out. But the fire was too large, Woodward said, and the man appeared to have died from third-degree burns before the neighbor could extinguish his body.

There were no other people inside the house during the fire. In total, SAFD estimates $25,000 in total damages.