Pregnant Texas Woman and Dog Fight Off Home Intruder


  • Clint Uselton
A pregnant woman living in North Texas and her dog were able to fight off a home invader Monday morning, according to Dallas' WFAA.

Authorities responded to an assault call in the outskirts of Granbury, about 45 miles southwest of Fort Worth, around 6 a.m. on Monday. Police spoke to a 25-year-old female victim that said she had heard a knock on the door and answered it.

The woman, who is 35 weeks pregnant, said a man wearing a brown pillowcase on his head pushed his way into the home with a knife in hand. The woman fought back, striking him in the head with a flower vase.

The family dog helped as well, biting the suspect in the left thigh and chasing him out of the home. The woman suffered numerous superficial cuts on her arms and stomach, but wasn't seriously injured.