Has Anyone Seen Murphy? A Texas Family's Suit of Armor is Missing


  • Granbury Police Department / Facebook
A North Texas family is missing one of their beloved members after a suit of armor – who they call Murphy – was stolen from their porch last week.

The Granbury Police Department went to Facebook for any leads on a missing suit of armor. Nadya Williamson commented that the suit of armor – excuse me, Murphy – went missing on January 2. She told Dallas' WFAA that the five-feet-tall Murphy was last seen on her porch.

According to the Hood County News, Murphy has been in the family for 16 years. Williamson told WFAA that a friend lent her Murphy to use as a prop at her wedding. She ended up loving Murphy enough that her friend let her keep him.

To top off the strange news, Granbury Police Department's Facebook post includes this disclaimer: "Photo is not the actual armor stolen."

We can't say for sure that Murphy looks like (do suit of armors have distinct looks?!), but regardless, we hope he finds his way home soon.