San Antonio Hits Twitter Hard to Celebrate #420Day


On today's unofficial marijuana holiday, there's no shortage of folks taking to Twitter to share their smoke-out plans, show off zeppelin-sized joints or brag about the stickiness of their newly scored stash.

San Antonians, naturally, are no exception.

So, lay back, light up (if that's your thing) and enjoy some of the best (and strangest) locally sourced #420Day Tweets we found today.

Certainly sounds better than smoked oysters from a can, Yvonne.

Enjoy the totally lit calisthenics. But please don't break a hip.

We weren't expecting charity golf events to get in on the act, but it is called the "Good on the Green" tournament.

And then there's this cryptic one about a clandestine storage unit musical git-down. Consider us there. You had us at "fog and shit," brah.