Joel McHale Hilariously Roasts San Antonio Reporter on Netflix Show


  • Screenshot via Netflix / The Joel McHale Show
While local anchors get attention for doing or saying dumb stuff all the time, we may have a new favorite roast.

On the latest episode of the weekly comedic commentary show The Joel McHale Show, actor/comedian Joel McHale went all in on SA Live anchor David Elder.

"When you think of a TV reporter, you probably picture a steely-eyed journalist calmly delivering the news of the day," McHale began the bit. "You probably don't picture David Elder, who I have to assume is actually a golden retriever that a witch transformed into a local news reporter."

The show then shows Elder on a small bicycle with his knees practically hitting the handlebars and wearing a vest full of Fiesta medals during an SA Live segment. It doesn't help that he screams out "whoa" to maintain his balance and sounds like a cartoon.

He then promotes a ~secret~ medal location and pulls his microphone out of an oven, pretending it's too hot to touch. And to top it all off, we see Elder in a massage chair, dramatically shaking himself like the massage is that intense.

McHale continues, "Hey, David, where'd you get all of those whimsical pins?"

Elder took it like a champ, and even joined in on the joke.
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