Electric Scooter Bowls Over Woman in Downtown S.A. and Keeps Right on Scootin'


Those dockless electric scooters popping up in cities all over the country aren't just silly looking. Turns out (surprise, surprise) they can also put the hurt on somebody.

Just ask the unnamed woman who ended up with a starring role on news reports from News4 San Antonio to Good Morning America after she was plowed over on a downtown S.A. sidewalk. Adding insult to injury, the scootering speed demon kept on cruising after he knocked her down.

Fucking ouch, right?

Fortunately, the unnamed woman ended up with tire tracks on her shoes but no permanent physical harm. But legal cases and injuries involving the electric-powered gadgets are on an uptick, according to news reports.

What's that we see in the crystal ball? It's becoming clearer now... that's right... a coming backlash.

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