San Antonio Family's #MagicForHumansChallenge Goes Insanely Viral


A San Antonio family has gone viral for their convincing rendition of the #MagicForHumansChallenge.

First, some background info for those who don't know about the challenge. Families and friends join forces to convince a gullible victim that they're invisible after uncovered by a blanket. The group acts like they can't see who was previously covered by the blanket, causing the person to freak out.

Ava Cunningham, 11, certainly did just that.
Her older sister Makayla, who was also the one to pull the blanket off, shared the video on Twitter last weekend. Since then, the two-minute prank has gotten more than 16 million views and half-million likes.

Makayla, an 18-year-old student at Texas State, told the San Antonio Express-News that her family, joined by a few friends, took about 10 minutes to plan the prank. Mom Ginger went all out on her acting, which caused Ava to basically have an existential crisis.

Twitter users loved the San Antonio family's rendition and left plenty of comments. Some made jokes.
Others were thirsting.

And of course, others were critical of it.

Don't worry about Ava, though. She's since recovered.

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