Thinking About Taking A Voting Day Selfie at the Polls? Forget It, San Antonio


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It can be very exciting voting for the first time. You may even want to commemorate the occasion with a selfie, perhaps post it on Instagram or Snapchat.

Well, forget about it. According to Texas law, it's illegal to use wireless communication devices if you're within 100 feet of the voting stations in Texas. Keith Ingram, director of elections, told CNN that voters aren't allowed to use any sort of device to record sounds or capture images within 100 feet of the voting stations.

Sorry millennials, but your "streaks" are gonna have to wait. You can take a picture of yourself after you've voted, sure... Just not in the voting booth, or anywhere within 100 feet of it, for that matter.

If you care more about your Snapchat streak and want to know who you're voting for, you can check out this handy voter's guide.

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