Your Annual Poop Alert for Visiting the Texas Coast


  • Source: General Land Office, Art by Sarah Flood-Baumann
You may be well on your way to the coast, or perhaps you've even claimed your spot on the beach already. Either way, please take a moment to read up on all the shit you'll likely be swimming in this Memorial Day weekend.

A map on Texas General Land Office's Beach Watch website breaks down all the poo — well, actually, it breaks down just how much fecal bacteria is in the water. While most of the coast seems clear, some popular beaches are crappier than others.
Here's how shitty the coast is looking as of Friday. - TEXAS GENERAL LAND OFFICE
  • Texas General Land Office
  • Here's how shitty the coast is looking as of Friday.
Closest to San Antonio, both the east and west portions of Palacios Pavilion near Tres Palacios Bay are reading high on the Shit-o-Meter. Going up the coast, many spots along the northern portions of Galveston Island are also coursing with caca.

Still, there are numerous points along the coast with low levels of fecal bacteria. Much of the Corpus Christi area seems "safe," though certain sections are still marked under the "medium" level.

Take that information as you will. And don't say we didn't warn you.

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