Photos Capture Man Crawling out of San Antonio River and Prostrating Himself in Front of River Walk Diners


  • Facebook / James Woodard
We all know how gross it would be to accidentally fall into the San Antonio River. Turns out, one man continued to jump in on purpose Monday as he carried out what looked like a religious ritual along the River Walk.

James Woodard — yes, music fans, the same one who plays guitar for avant-metal outfit The Grasshopper Lies Heavy — captured photos of the river bather while on a lunchtime stroll along the downtown tourist attraction.

“I saw him crawl out of the river and [prostrate himself] before putting his shoes back on,” said Woodard. “I gave him, like, 50 feet, since we were walking in the same direction. Then I saw him prostrate himself again in front of some fancy restaurant.”

Woodard saw the man jump back into the water by the Arneson River Theater and begin what appeared to be a self-baptism. After crawling out of the river again, he threw himself to the pavement.

“He kept doing pseudo-religious prostrating in front of expensive restaurants, so I'm assuming he’s on something,” Woodard added.

The man has yet to be identified.

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