San Antonio Man Reportedly Tried to Hide Weed in Bag of Cheetos


  • Bexar County Sheriff's Office
A San Antonio man was arrested earlier this month after being discovered with more than 100 grams of marijuana in his possession.

His mistake? He tried to hide the weed in a bag of Cheetos.

According to a News 4 San Antonio report, police pulled over Carmelo Deleon on North Zarzamora Street after he ran a red light. An officer reportedly smelled the goods while talking to the 33-year-old suspect.

When the cop asked Deleon if he had any grass in the car, the suspect said yes and admitted that it was in a bag of Cheetos in the passenger seat.

The officer then found a clear plastic bag containing 114.8 grams of pot hidden inside the chip bag. The lesson here is to invest in a stash jar and not try to mask the smell of your pot with cheesy snack foods.

Deleon has since been charged with possession of marijuana.

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