20 Adoptable Animals in San Antonio That Want to Be Your Roommate 

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At the Animal Defense League, there are plenty of adoptable cats and dogs looking for a place to crash. Stop by and choose which adorable, furry friend you want to share your space with – as in make part of the family.
OF 20
"So the question is: Did I get my name because of my sassiness or was my name a self-fulling prophecy? Doesn’t matter either way, because I put the “sass” in sassiness. I like to do everything on my terms. That doesn’t mean I can’t be loving and sweet when I want to be. I’m looking for a kindred spirit to take me home!"
"I’m a handsome boy with beautiful eyes. I’m also a bit shy. My bashfulness is not too overwhelming and if you go slow I’ll warm right up to you. Once I do I turn into a purr machine. Please look past my timid personality and come adopt me today!"
"Hi, I’m Gracie! I’m a very sweet and loving girl. All I want is a fur-ever home. I can be a mellow, laid-back type of girl. I am very smart and love getting treats! I know sit and with more training, I’m sure I can learn lots more. If you would like to get to know me, then visit me at the Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions!"
"Hi, I’m Leilani! Do you like my floppy ears? People around here seem to like them and they seem to think I’m very pretty too. I love to be around people but can be a tiny bit shy in new situations. I am sweet, gentle, easygoing, and ready to hang out with you!"
"Hi! I’m Edamame! I’m a sweet, curious, calico kitty! I’m looking for a forever home with a cozy cat bed and a nice human who’ll love me just as much as I’ll love them. Come and meet me so we can get to know each other better! I’d love to meet you!"
"Hi, I’m Schmitty! I’m an older gentleman who can be a bit bashful around new people. I’m still new around here so might hide sometimes. I really want a forever home, preferably a calm home where I can relax and take it easy with my person. Please consider giving me a chance to be your handsome chubby-cheeked cat companion!"
"Hi, I’m Millie! I sometimes bark when I’m in my kennel but I just do that to join the other pups around here because I’m silly like that. I’m a sweet and generally quiet kind of girl. I will sometimes get bashful but once I’m out of my kennel, I am sweetest as can be! I love to crawl into people’s laps and receive all the cuddles I can get. I enjoy being carried around too! I would just love to lay in your lap and binge watch t.v with you. If you can picture me as your couch potato companion, then please give me a chance to meet you!"
"Hello! I’m Sophie! I am always ready to get out of my kennel and check out everything that’s going on at ADL. I’m very friendly and like to be around the humans. Let’s meet so that we can get to know each other better!"
"I’m a dainty girl who could be thought of as a fluffy cloud but I do have some “thunderstorm” in me. I’m a little shy so I do not like when someone rushes up to me. Please take your time with me and I promise that it is worth it! I can be very sweet and loving if you give the chance to relax. That chance could be in your home if you want!"
"I’m a social but mischievous little imp. Having a limp has not stopped me from being an active cat. I really love treats and when I am in the mood I love a good cuddle. I’m still very playful and would benefit from a home with lots of toys to entertain me. When I get bored I do find ways to entertain myself but sometimes that can get me in a bit of trouble. If you’re a bit impish like me than we would make the perfect pair!"
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"Hi, my name is David and I’m one smart cookie. I know how to sit, shake, lay down, high five, and I’m even learning how to speak on command. I’m very treat motivated, so teaching me new tricks will be a snap! I’m a young boy, so I still have a good amount of energy and would be a great addition to athletic households. Also, if you haven’t noticed by now, I have beautiful eyes which are perfect for admiring. Don’t wait too long, come meet me as soon as you can!"
"Hi, I’m Phillip! I’m a friendly, calm, and gentle dog. I have great leash walking skills and enjoy taking strolls alongside people. Will you be one of those people I can go on a stroll with? Maybe we can become best buds!"
"Hi, I’m Cho! Look into my eyes, don’t you think they are beautiful? I hope they convince you to come meet me! I am a quiet kitty who tends to keep to myself in the cattery. I’m not a social butterfly but wish I could be! I’m just shy and will need some time to get to know new people. I hope someone will be willing to give me that chance to get to know them. Will you give me that chance?"
"My journey to the cattery was a long one. I was brought into the ADL with a fractured leg, emaciated, and dehydrated. Some in my condition would have given up but, with the help of the staff members, I did not. Now, you can’t even tell when you look at me. I’m healthy, happy, and very sweet. My road to recovery was a long one and I am hoping my road to a forever home leads to yours!"
"Look at me, look at me! I am the doggo with the best wiggle with the best smile and with the best eyes. I’d just like to say that if we meet and I get a belly rub from you then I’ll go crazy in love with you and would want to give you a loving hug. I love treats but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love treats, but seriously give me treats though and my hugs will be endless. I love to be out and about so let’s meet!"
"I am Patches, and I am the leader and protector of my pack. What I lack in size I make up for in personality. I also think I am better looking than my best friend, but don’t tell her I said that. I have formed quite the bond with my friend Foxy, so we both are earnestly campaigning to go to a home together. I am a kind, lovable guy as she can attest to, and I have enough to go around to a human or humans that take us home."
"Hi, I’m Neil! I’m a nice guy who you’ll probably find snoozing in a high spot in the cattery here. I usually mind my own business but if you come over to say hello to me, I’ll perk up and come over to you too. You’ll notice that I have a part of my tail missing. What happened there? Well, when I cam to ADL, my tail was broken and the best thing for me was to have part of it removed. Now I have this nubby tail which I like to think makes me more unique. Please visit me and let’s talk about making me your loving cat companion."
"Hello, I am Kassie! A typical day for me is lounging around relaxing. I have a strong preference for a home without other cats. I’m the type of girl who prefers to have cat beds to myself. Even though having cat friend just isn’t my thing, I still wouldn’t mind living with people. As long as they spoil me and love me forever, then I’ll be happy!"
"Where do I begin to explain myself? I’m a strong, active, loving dog with a kind heart who gets along with most dogs and people. I was found on a college campus, obviously a stray but soaking up all the attention I could get. A kind lady took me home and tried to find my owner but had no luck. With a house full of family and dogs, she couldn’t keep me though everyone there had fallen in love with me, so they brought me here. She left a letter all about me for the lucky family that adopts me. I hope it says good things! I have a feeling it does, because I’ve seen people cry when they read it. Take me home and you can read it too."
"Hi! I am a wiggly happy boy who loves all the attention! I get very entertained and distracted by shoelaces and any type of lace I see, they look very fun to play with! Although I am a very energetic boy that loves to have fun with my human pals, I need a cozy home where I can take it easy for a while because I’m healing from an injury on my left leg. Let’s meet, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with me!"
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"So the question is: Did I get my name because of my sassiness or was my name a self-fulling prophecy? Doesn’t matter either way, because I put the “sass” in sassiness. I like to do everything on my terms. That doesn’t mean I can’t be loving and sweet when I want to be. I’m looking for a kindred spirit to take me home!"

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