20 Things To Do on Valentine's Day For The Single San Antonian 

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There's a certain amount of dread associated with being alone on Valentine's Day. But fret not, singles of San Antonio, here's a few activities to distract you from your loneliness during the nauseating feast of love on Sunday.
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Go to the San Antonio Pets Alive Cattery, and adopt a cat or three.

Photo via Facebook (The Cattery Cat Shelter)
Go shopping for discounted candy like a baller at the dollar store.

Photo via Instagram (har2bqueen)
Go to a Tex-Mex restaurant or bar, and salt your margarita with your sad, lonely tears.

Photo via Facebook (Esquire Tavern)
Bond with your new cat while you stalk your ex-lover on Facebook.

Photo via Instagram (mushr00mjcg)
Color the coloring book issue of the Current to quell the anxiety of still being single at your age.

Photo via San Antonio Current
Go get your nails did so you can feel pretty.

Photo via Instagram (dodo_not_dead)
Re-watch a Spurs championship game just to feel joy again.

Photo via Instagram (carxline__)
Go to the Wax Museum and take a photo with the creepy likeness of your celebrity crush.

Photo via Instagram (karynova)
Go to TBA, the Current’s 2014 pick for the best bar to drink by yourself.

Photo via Facebook (TBA)
Offer to babysit your co-worker’s dog while he or she actually goes on a date.

Photo via Facebook (Myrtle: San Antonio Current Official Mascot)
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Watch a romantic comedy at the Alamo Drafthouse, and ask for two glasses when you order a pitcher of beer for one.

Photo via Facebook (Alamo Drafthouse Denver)
Go to a liquor store and think of all the booze you cannot buy, as Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year.

Photo via Facebook (Total Wine & More)
Go to a library, and silently sob into the pages of local author, Sandra Cisneros.

Photo via Instagram (theminitaco)
Take a long ride along the Mission Reach, and low-key think about getting in shape.

Photo via Instagram (whiskeyandsmores)
Try to recreate one of your abuela’s recipes, give up after failing miserably and consider calling your mom.

Photo via Instagram (canigetthatextracrispy)
Hangout with a bartender as you down a shot of Fernet-Branca, because it tastes like disappointment feels.

Photo via Facebook (O'Leaver's)
Go to Dairy Queen and get the singles’ blizzard topped with salted caramel truffles, because you too are salty.

Photo via Instagram (dairyqueen)
Go to a hotel and spend a night with only your thoughts and the contents of your mini-bar as company.

Photo via Facebook (USA TODAY)
Put on your fat pants, and shame eat your feelings with an infant-sized burrito.

Photo via Facebook (Abby Mangel)
Join an app like Tinder and plan an awkward date with a stranger in your exact situation.

Photo via Instagram (randomalities)
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Go to the San Antonio Pets Alive Cattery, and adopt a cat or three.

Photo via Facebook (The Cattery Cat Shelter)

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