The Current's 20 Favorite San Antonio Artists of the 2010s 

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The 2010s were a whirlwind when it came to music. We saw the closing of an era with the metalcore community dwindling down, the rise of psych rock and a lot of soul-inspired acts throughout the ten years. While there are more than 20 outstanding artists and bands that contributed to an amazing decade of music in San Antonio, here's 20 that we think really made a lasting impact. Honorable mentions include Amygdala, Holy Knives, Femina-X, Flesh Hoarder, Chris Maddin and Spy MC.
OF 20
Sad, acoustic, dreamy and did we mention sad? The Elliott Smith-inspired Demitasse — side project of Buttercup's Joe Reyes and Erik Sanden — are a project that continued to release impressive records throughout the 2010s.
Photo via Facebook / Demitasse
Featuring the bassist and drummer of Girl in a Coma, Fea went a bit more punk than their previous project and gained a name for themselves for their anthemic Riot Girrrl sound.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
Deer Vibes
With 29 members in their band (OK, it’s more like 12 but still), Deer Vibes is a indie rock orchestra led by frontman Michael Carrillo, who actually owns and runs the bar/venue Ventura. The band weaves infectious melodies using a multitude of instruments for a sound that is triumphant and really amazing.
Photo by Anthony Gauna
Third Root
Conscious raps meet expert flows and iconic beats with Third Root, a three-piece hip-hop outfit that challenged systemic racism, prejuidice and injustice in South Texas.
Photo via Facebook / Third Root
Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson
Gracing the cover of the Current a few years back, Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson is a rapper, poet, singer, community activist and teacher. Let’s just say, everything she touches turns to gold.
Photo by Alejandra Sol Casas Photography
Instrumental, metal-inspired, clean guitar riffs loop over groove-heavy drum hits for a psychedelic flavor that only Verisimilitude can create. With over a decade in the game, this band helped define the 2010 San Antonio Sound.
Photo via Facebook / Verisimilitude
Matt Buikema of 9001 Productions
Formed from members of Blowing Trees, frontman Edwin Stephens and friends matched Arcade Fire inspired indie riffs with Motown R&B and soul for an amalgam that landed them a sold out local show at Sams Burger Joint upon their dual EP release.
Photo via Fishermen / Fishermen
Nothing More
Securing three Grammy Nominations for their impressive record The Stories We Tell Ourselves in 2018, Nothing More have been pushing their music with relentless touring for over a decade. Oh, and their live show is nothing to fuck with.
Photo via Facebook / Nothing More
Alyson Alonzo
Matching soulful croons with electronic beats that she loops onstage, Alyson Alonzo dominated the 2010s with appearances at music festivals, singing the national anthem at a Spurs game, and receiving a standing ovation at her Tobin Center debut.
Photo by Josh Huskin
Post punk and industrial, Filthy brought the dance to the graveyard with their haunting beats and echoing guitar riffage.
Photo via Facebook / Filthy
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Wayne Holtz
Self-described pop star, Wayne Holtz really lived up to the name, making sure each one of his performances before leaving to LA earlier this year, was filled with captivating choreography, costume changes and lyrics that will make you say “did he really just say that?!”
Photo via Facebook / Wayne Holtz
Lonely Horse
Although the band is no more, Nicholas Long was arguably the best frontman of the 2010s throwing himself over his guitar as he shot soul inspired blues riffs over Travis Hild’s slamming groove-heavy drum hits.
Photo by Oscar Moreno
Darian Thomas
Based in Brooklyn now and traveling the world playing in different projects, we’d be remiss to not mention Thomas’ contributions to San Antonio’s music through the 2010s. Playing for the likes of Femina-X, Deer Vibes and the Foreign Arm, Thomas also had his own project, Saturn Skies, and dazzled audiences with his expert violin performances.
Photo via Facebook / Darian Thomas
Garrett T. Capps
It’s not everyday an artist lands a Showtime gig, but that’s just what happened with honky-tonk, alt-country singer Garrett T. Capps when his hit “Born in San Antone” appeared on the season premiere of the Showtime show Billions.
Photo via Facebook / Garrett T. Capps
Getting her start fronting the indie rock band Octohedran, Elena Lopez let the world see her sleepy sad side with the bedroom pop project Elnuh.
Photo via Facebook / Elnuh
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Experimental as fuck. Heavy as fuck. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy is a smart metal band that continue to evolve and showcase multiple dimensions of themselves upon each release.
Photo via Facebook / The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Milli Mars
Milli Mars haunts beats with his rumbling baritone vocals. Ferocity meets eloquence with this rapper who has always shouted out San Antonio in his music and makes it clear that the Alamo City is home.
Photo via Twitter / Milli Mars
Claire Rousay
Playing drums for numerous projects through the 2010s, including Buttercup, Claire Rousay is best known for her experimental percussion performances. Drawing in listeners with her unconventional drumming techniques, Rousay explores her instruments’ many textures and tones, using the room she’s in to paint elaborate sound sculptures.
Photo via Facebook / Claire Rousay
Grimey industrial beats meet brooding post-punk vocals with Joseph Anger’s project MVTANT.
Photo via Facebook / MVTANT
Nina Diaz
Former Girl in a Coma frontwoman, Nina Diaz branched off and let her pop influences shine with her solo work.
Photo via Facebook / Nina Diaz
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Sad, acoustic, dreamy and did we mention sad? The Elliott Smith-inspired Demitasse — side project of Buttercup's Joe Reyes and Erik Sanden — are a project that continued to release impressive records throughout the 2010s.
Photo via Facebook / Demitasse

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