25 More Essential South Side San Antonio Restaurants You Should've Already Tried By Now 

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Last year, we rounded up 25 restaurants we felt were crucial to the South Side, a way of honoring the beloved classics and hidden gems alike before Southerleigh Brewing Co., El Machito and The Friendly Spot open locations there. While that still hasn't happened, we've realized that there's plenty of South Side spots that we missed during our first round-up. You spoke and we listened, SA. Here's ANOTHER 25 essential South Side restaurants.
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Rudy's Seafood
4122 S Flores St, (210) 532-1315, rudysseafood.com
A longtime South Side favorite, Rudy’s Seafood embodies puro culture. With numerous Spurs murals throughout the building’s perimeter, this South Flores spot holds it down on the food front as well with fried fish, shrimp and oysters at the ready – and in hefty portions. Just don’t forget to snap a selfie in front of those Spurs murals on your way out.
Photo via Instagram / smileyyourrealtorfriend4life
Bobbie’s Cafe
6728 S Flores St, (210) 923-1158, bobbiescafe.com
For country eatin’, there’s no need to leave city limits. Just head to Bobbie’s! This no-frills cafe keeps it humble with country-style American dishes for every meal. This cozy eatery, which has been open for more than 40 years, feels all the more welcoming thanks to the friendly staff.
Photo via Yelp / Eliana C.
Mendez Cafe
201 Bartholomew Ave, (210) 923-6603
This pint-sized cafe might not catch your eye, but the flavors here will likely make you a regular. The neighborhood spot is a favorite among residents in the community, especially due to popular dishes like carne guisada. Warning: you’ll likely have to wait for a table and feel rushed, but isn’t that part of the taqueria experience? If you want homemade food but don’t feel like cooking, look no further.
Photo via Instagram / tacoist
South BBQ & Kitchen
2011 Mission Road, (210) 437-0070, southbbqkitchen.com
Since opening in 2018, South BBQ & Kitchen has kept it real with quality meats and sides to match. Traditional smoked meats pair beautifully with the selection of Mexican and American sides, creating a very puro BBQ experience.
Photo via Instagram / southbbq
Brenda's Burgers
3837 SW Military Dr, (210) 932-1177, facebook.com/brendasburgers1988
Just before hitting the edge of Lackland AFB, you’ll stumble upon Brenda’s Burgers. Open for more than 30 years, this semi-hidden gem delivers juicy burgers, crispy fries and onion rings, hot dogs, Frito pie and sweet shakes. For some good eatin’, you’ll be smart to come here.
Photo via Instagram / vinz0oh_tx
Oscar's Taco House
705 Barrett Pl, (210) 923-1971
Hole-in-the-wall taquerias are truly a blessing, just take Oscar’s Taco House as proof. This casual spot serves up all the traditional Mexican dishes you know and love (especially the puffy tacos). Go once and this will likely become a favorite for you and the fam. It’s just that good.
Photo via Instagram / nikwitte
Victoria Tortilla & Tamales Factory
737 Division Ave, (210) 922-5274
Whether you’re near the South Side or not, having some Sunday morning barbacoa, tamales y mas form Victoria Tortilla should be on your SA bucket list. This molino-style spot holds it down with authentic bites that will hit the spot when you’re hungover, but also when you’re in the mood for a delicious puro meal.
Photo via Instagram / tito3000
Gyro's Drive Inn
2401 Nogalitos St // 444 W Mitchell St
With two locations both on the Southside, Gyro’s Drive Inn is a long-standing favorite for American comfort food. Burgers, chicken and seafood – as well as fries and all the fixings – are up for grabs. Why not order a little bit of everything for all of the family to enjoy?
Photo via Instagram / sherrthepilot
El Sol
1815 Pleasanton Road, (210) 923-5553, facebook.com
Located across the street from Harlandale HS, lots of Southsiders already know about the goodness at El Sol. For those that don’t, consider this Pleasanton spot a solid go-to for lunch specials and breakfast – whether you go the taco route or order a plate. If you do the latter, order the the carne asada plate, which El Sol claims as the “plate of the Southside.”
Photo via Instagram / sosidefoodiechick
El Amigo Snack
100 W Theo Ave, (210) 530-8461
Is it a taco truck? Or a snack stand? At El Amigo, there’s both! Depending on what time you visit, you’ll be able to score decked out mangonadas, raspas and elote as well as mini tacos and more. Whether you stop by for dinner or for a snack, you’ll likely want to order the entire menu here.
Photo via Instagram / rycore
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Orly's BBQ
3827 SW Military Dr, (210) 334-0300,
Found not too far from the edge of Lackland AFB, Orly’s BBQ makes for a great barbecue spot in the area. Though the hours are funky, you can stop in to take advantage of the daily lunch specials. There’s also “feast” options and family packs if you come in during the weekend. Either way, you’re doing yourself a favor if you order up the brisket and your favorite sides.
Photo via Instagram / lonestarloner
Sherry’s Texan
606 Pleasanton Road, (210) 314-1763, sherrys-texan.business.site
A true favorite of South Side resident, Sherry’s Texan is one of those spots you’ve probably seen but never stopped by. Well, consider this instruction to do so. Serving a mixture of Mexican plates, seafood dishes and American bites, Sherry’s Texan has something for everyone, who will undoubtedly come to love this hidden gem, too.
Photo via Instagram / luvof2ktx
Monster Burger
5201 S Flores St, (210) 982-7121, facebook.com/monster.burgers.1
San Antonio Burger Week proved that there’s all kinds of burgers in the Alamo City. But have you ever had a Monster Burger? These massive burgers should be considered a pop culture haven since all of the burgers are named after famous villains and monsters – from El Cucuy and La Chupacabra to Bigfoot and Dracula. If you don’t mind getting hella greasy, this spot will surely hit the spot.
Photo via Instagram / gypsy_malo
Folklores Coffee House
5009 S Flores St, (210) 455-7829, folklores-coffee-house.business.site
The South Side finally got a non-chain coffee spot with the opening of Folklores. The coffee house has also proven to be a hot spot for the ‘gram, with the sugary treats fitting the foodie aesthetic. With decked out hot and cold drinks perfect for those with a sweet tooth and a kickass patio, Folklores hits the nail on the head on all fronts.
Photo via Instagram / heymercedez
El Coquí Restaurant
5036 W Military Dr, (210) 645-6465, elcoquisatx.com
Luna Rosa isn’t the only spot for Puerto Rican fare on the South Side. On the other side of I-35 and then some, you can hit up El Coquí for authentic dishes inspired by the island. From mofongo to ropa vieja, you’ll have plenty of tasty options – just be sure to order the platanos and Materva for a true Puerto Rican meal. Oh, and there’s a lunch buffet, too.
Photo via Instagram / stacia_x0
Lala’s Gorditas
1600 Roosevelt Ave, (210) 465-7157, lalasgorditas.com
Though still new, we have a feeling Lala’s Gorditas will become a favorite within the community. Found close to Mission Concepcion, Lala’s comes from the family who opened the original Teka Molino and the Taco Hut. Need we say more? Seriously, grab some grub and enjoy the food and scene from the patio.
Photo via Yelp / Lala’s Gorditas
4138 S New Braunfels Ave #103, (210) 817-6206, churroholicsanantonio.com
For something ultra-sweet, you can’t go wrong with Churroholic. Decked out churros, churro sandwiches, churro sundaes, frappes, coffee, milkshakes and ice cream are all available here, and you’ll have a hard time deciding what to get, no doubt. You really can’t go wrong, just know that it’ll be sweet as heck no matter what you get.
Photo via Instagram / jesselizarraras
Camaron Pelado Seafood Restaurant
1113 Pleasanton Road, (210) 928-2829
Not to be confused with the Commerce outpost, the South Side actually has its own Camaron Pelado. Nestled in the Harlandale community, Camaron Pelado keeps it simple with Mexican, seafood and Mexican seafood dishes – so why not visit to try all three cuisines?
Photo via Instagram / fiesta247
Georgia’s Mexican Restaurant
2214 Palo Alto Road, (210) 923-9313
A long-time resident of the Palo Alto/South San area, Georgia’s Mexican Restaurant is your typical spot for classic dishes and authentic flavors that are hands-down delicious. Open for breakfast and lunch, you’ll have the ever-difficult decision of choosing between tacos and a plate. So why not just do both to truly taste the goodness of Georgia’s? And if you don’t, try the enchilaco – the enchilada taco.
Photo via Instagram / berryunique77
Pollos Asados Don Jose
451 W Petaluma Blvd, (210) 322-2659, pollosasadosdonjose.com
The East Side may have the favorite Pollos Asados Los Nortenos, but the South Side has Pollos Asados Don Jose. Close to McCollum High School, this spot serves up chicken cooked to perfection and complete with rice, charro beans, corn tortillas, grilled onions and jalapeños and lots of sauce. There’s other selections too, like fajitas, carne asada and a variety of burgers. Make it a point to visit the brick-and-mortar or catch one of the two trailers.
Photo via Yelp / Orlando S.
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Las Islas Marias
522 SW Military Dr, (210) 922-7777, lasislasmarias.net
Though there’s two other locations, hitting up Las Islas Marias when you’re down south will always be a smart decision. This spot does Mexican seafood right with menu choices such as empanadas de camaron, paella del mar y pescado zarandeado.
Photo via Instagram / hoodratsnacks
M & M’s Shaved Ice
3203 Pleasanton Road, (210) 519-1013,
Y’all should already know that the South Side holds it down with its snack stands. M & M’s Shaved Ice is no exception. And it’s not just raspas here. Of course, you can also choose from carnival-inspired treats like fried ice cream, funnel cakes and a deep-fried cheesecake sundae, which is exactly what it sounds like.
Photo via Instagram / behemothtrish
Kenny’s Burgers
1927 Goliad Road, (210) 337-1355, facebook.com/kennysburgers
The next time you’re hanging in the Southeast side of town, hit up Kenny’s Burgers for some classic comfort food (seriously – they have crispy dogs). This cozy spot may be small, but it makes up for it with delicious burgers and the choice between sides like fries, onion rings or tots. Don’t worry, they’re all cooked to perfection here.
Photo via Yelp / Melissa W.
El Puesto
901 Division Ave, (210) 932-9277, facebook.com/Puestolatejanita
Though the parking lot can be a pain, El Puesto is worth hitting up for your early morning tacos or weekend brunch. This Division spot is small and a hole-in-a-wall by all means, but has surprisingly satisfying Mexican plates. You’ll likely love the tortillas here, which come out on the large side and are always thick.
Photo via Instagram / joe.daniel.34
Las Cazuelas
645 Chalmers Ave, (210) 932-1785, lascazuelassa.com
Housed in a bright orange building off of I-35, Las Cazuelas is everything you need a neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Friendly staff, a massive menu and, of course, dishes just like mama makes them. You’ll love the tortillas here, just make sure you ask your waitress to keep ‘em coming.
Photo via Instagram / lascazuelas_sa
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4122 S Flores St, (210) 532-1315, rudysseafood.com
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Photo via Instagram / smileyyourrealtorfriend4life

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