25 Relevant Halloween Costumes San Antonians Should Consider This Year 

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Undecided as to what you should dress up as for Halloween this year? Fear not. With a few evergreen ideas, here are 25 relevant ideas that are sure to turn some heads.
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Mama Margie
Grab a lil white dress and apron, throw your hair back into a low ponytail and some chanclas, and you’re set to recreate Mama Margie’s iconic look.
Photo via Twitter / alitrevino13
Someone who hangs out at Ingram Park Mall
If you’re really down, you’ll get the haircut and everything. Be warned, you may lead a life of petty crime if you do.
Photo via Twitter / mercadoprojects
A concha (or any piece of pan dulce)
You are what you eat — and you really can be this Halloween. Dress up as your favorite piece of pan dulce. If you’re really trying to get a conversation going, get a group of folks to cover all of the popular treats.
Photo via Instagram / artofzyanya
Beto O’Rourke
The general public may not be as fond of Beto as they were last year, but he’s still a recognizable guy that may get some solid feedback from folks. Sport a pale blue button-up with the sleeves rolled up, get sweaty and flash that smile. Your costume is complete.
Photo via Instagram / betoorourke
Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker all enjoying retirement
While we miss the Big Three living it up on the basketball court, it’s still super romantic to think of the iconic Spurs players still being friends in their life after retirement. Have fun with how you dress up and channel their very different energies.
Photo via Instagram / spurs
The Tapatio guy / Cholula lady
And everyone will love you all the more for it.
Photo via Instagram / cirquejolie
Shea Serrano
The OG Shea Serrano is out on the highest pedestal for lots of San Antonians, for obvious reasons. Do him justice by dressing up as him, from the bald head and glasses to the 6”4’ stature.
Photo via Instagram / shea.serrano
Got buck teeth? This is the costume for you. If not, you can still make it work with a red crop top and hat.
Photo via Instagram / bucees
La Llorona
Want something spooky? Prepare to scare the shit out of everyone with your La Llorona costume.
Photo via Instagram / makeupbyanaisv
Mexican Elvis
Though he prefers to be called the “Hispanic Elvis,” you’ll be right to go local and pay tribute to San Antonio’s one and only Mexican Elvis.
Photo via Instagram / taino_impressions
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A bottle of Big Red
If you’ve got a big pansita, this is a no-brainer.
Photo via Instagram / drinkbigred
A dirty chancla
Use cardboard to make the shape of the chancla to go around your body. Then throw it around in the dirt for the full effect. Y ay ta — the Fiesta chancla.
Photo via Instagram / haaannnn_23
Spurs Jesus
You love the Spurs. You love Jesus. You love Spurs Jesus. Who else would you dress up as?
Photo via Instagram / spursjesus
Julián Castro
You won’t need a lot to dress up as ole Julián— just a blue suit paired with his iconic facial expressions and hand gestures. If you’re really going all out, take some of his campaign slogans and promises to really sell your getup.
Photo via Instagram / juliancastrotx
A Texicana
Round up a group and cover your bases for each Texicana to be covered. If you’re really down, act out dramatically during your Halloween parties.
Photo by dru photography
Tim Duncan as an assistant coach
It’s not much different than Tim Duncan as a star player —a short-sleeved button-up with light jean shorts and brown sandals. The only difference may be his dreads that he’s been known for as of late.
Photo via Instagram / spurs
George Strait
If you’ve got all the swagger in the world, don a cream-colored cowboy hat and some brown cowboy boots, and you’ve got yourself a costume to be George Strait. Grab an old acoustic guitar if you can for the full effect.
Photo via Instagram / georgestrait
Hot Cheetos and cheese
Whether you do this with your bestie or bae, everyone will be gagged over this duo costume. Feel free to be particular and differentiate between the limon chips if you’re really about it.
Photo via Instagram / slusheeland
Ted Cruz
Want to look hella creepy? Dress up as Ted Cruz. Want to look hella creepy with a terrible beard? Dress up as Ted Cruz circa 2019.
Photo via Instagram / sentedcruz
A cricket
Want something topical? Consider the recent cricket invasion. Go for something grotesque, or making it cute with a bow and a tutu. Have fun with it!
Photo via Twitter / joebadswag_
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Ron Nirenberg and Greg Brockhouse
Everyone may have forgotten about the showdown between Nirenberg and Brockhouse in the run for mayor, but anyone with political leanings will have fun remembering their rivalry. This one isn’t for everyone, but it’ll be a riot in certain circles.
Ron Nirenberg photo by Bryan Rindfuss // Greg Brockhouse photo by Jade Esteban Estrada
Gregg Popovich
While the look is up to you, the fun of dressing up as Coach Pop comes in getting into character. Be a man of few words, be sassy with folks up in your face, here’s your time to be a really jerk, but one that’s well-loved and respected as hell.
Photo via Instagram / spurs
The Donkey Lady
Scare everyone and dress up as the Donkey Lady. Good luck making a donkey head, hooves and ass (LOL), but it’ll be worth it.
Photo via Instagram / ashtenthorp32
A feral hog
Feral hogs are a dime a dozen ‘round these parts, so you may be tempted to pay homage to the chubby creature. If you do, prepare to get some looks of disgust, and, of course, some puzzled laughs.
Photo via Instagram / kkcoutdoors
A piñata
Go the colorful route and be a piñata! Design it however you like and be ready to be the star of the party.
Photo via Instagram / ernestolivo
Mama Margie
Grab a lil white dress and apron, throw your hair back into a low ponytail and some chanclas, and you’re set to recreate Mama Margie’s iconic look.
Photo via Twitter / alitrevino13

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