25 San Antonio bars where you won't see anyone you know 

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Sometimes you just want to go out and not see anyone you know. But that can be difficult given that everyone knows each other. "Big city, small town feel," right?! Here are some dependable spots where you can grab a drink without seeing everyone and their abuelita.
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Web House
320 Blanco Road, (210) 531-0100, webhousecafe.com
Sit out on the deck or grab a seat at the bar — no matter where you post up, you won’t be seeing folks you don’t want to see. The no-frills spot comes through that way, as well as with a pool table and live entertainment from time to time. Feel free to stop by between 4 p.m. and 2 a.m. to hang out without any unfortunate run-ins.
Photo via Instagram / shaunsee
The Filling Station Tap Room
701 S St Mary's St, (210) 444-2200, facebook.com/stationtaproom
So small that the bar could most likely fit inside your home, this tap room is a prime spot for a quick drink that’ll hit the spot. Though folks also stop by for a slice (or an entire pie) of pizza, the Filling Station comes through with its 17 craft beers on tap. If you’ve got haters, you may want to wear shades if you grab a seat on the patio.
Photo via Instagram / hey.kathyhayes
Bar du Mon Ami
4901 Broadway St, (210) 740-9229, bardumonami.com
With dozens of spirits available behind the bar, you’ll enjoy cocktails that were created with plenty of thought and consideration — so that means they’ll hit just right. The red wall paint/light combination at this Broadway haunt is hella cozy, so post up in one of the booths feel like you’re hiding away.
Photo via Instagram / bardumonami
Hidden Tavern
11407 West Ave, (210) 541-0001, hiddentavern.com
This bare-bones bar has it all: pool, darts, karaoke and live music. Not to mention the chill crowd that definitely won’t include anyone you’d rather not see. This neighborhood bar might just become your go-to for a night out without feeling anxious about who you’ll see.
Photo via Instagram / odetogatsby
My Brother’s Bar
845 N St Mary's St, (210) 557-0677
While most boozehounds drinking on St. Mary’s will be heading to the Strip, you’ll be safe from running into lots of people you know if you head to My Brother’s Bar. The downtown watering hole is down-to-earth and cozy, plenty homey with pool tables and cold beer to boot.
Photo via Instagram / djvitamix
Stout House
11851 Bandera Road #119, Helotes, (210) 637-9094, stouthousesa.com
Though technically located in Helotes, Stout House is the perfect hangout spot that doubles as a hideaway. You’ll most likely be away from the areas where you’d run into people from your past (or your present, we’ve been there too), and you’ll be able to enjoy a craft beer or two (there’s 20 on tap) during your adventure. Stick around awhile and enjoy a game of pool, darts or beer pong while you’re here.
Photo via Instagram / sacurrent
Reggae Bar
826 San Pedro Ave, (210) 772-9891, facebook.com
A nightclub with a full bar, this reggae-inspired joint keeps it real with Jamaican-inspired food, drinks and of course music. Although the reggae dance nights can draw a crowd, you won’t be running into your mama’s church friends here.
Photo via Instagram / sanantonioreggaebar
The Thursty Turtle
1626 NE Interstate 410 Loop, (210) 820-3600, facebook.com/TheThurstyTurtle
Right off the Loop 410 access road you’ll find this dingy (we say it with love) dive bar connected to a convenience store. While the folks you graduated with flock to more poppin’ spots, you and your selected company will be safe drinking it up here. Take the strong drinks and laid-back vibes as the cherry on top for what will be a drama-free outing.
Photo via Instagram / jonwiener
Who's Who Cocktails
1711 Babcock Road, (210) 973-5055, facebook.com/whoswhococktails
Need to kick back with a drink in your hand? Who’s Who is exactly the place where you can do just that — and without worrying about who you’ll see. This strip-mall watering hole is squeezed in alongside a donut shop, nail salon, cleaners, Thai restaurant and insurance office, so it’s not like anyone is coming here to be seen. This dive will come through time and time again.
Photo by Mike Humphries via Instagram / realcameralero
Davenport Lounge
203 N Presa St, (210) 224-5635, davenportloungesa.com
With live music every night and lots of drinks (from craft beer to martinis), this downtown lounge is a prime spot for a boozy night out. This lounge is complete with a sophisticated cocktail list and live music every night, making it a go-to for when you want to drink well, be entertained and not be bothered with unwanted encounters.
Photo via Instagram / robalfieriphoto
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Havana Bar
1015 Navarro St., (210) 222-2008, havanasanantonio.com
While Hotel Havana’s Ocho is bright and inviting, the downstairs Havana Bar is quite the opposite. This secluded spot serves up swanky cocktails in a dim candlelit basement – perfect for a secret rendezvous or simply making sure you’re unbothered while enjoying your libation. Trust us, this drinking spot will quickly become a favorite, and for good reason.
Photo via Instagram / havanasanantonio
The Edison Experiment
1846 N Loop 1604 E, (210) 479-9600, facebook.com/edisonexperiment
Away from the craziness of downtown you’ll find Edison Experiment, a cozy bar that has a cocktail menu that justifies the drive to get there. The chill vibes and unlikeliness that you’ll see anyone you know are reason enough though, trust us. Order the Carajillo and be wowed.
Photo via Instagram / edisonexperiment
Texas T Pub
121 Broadway St, (210) 271-1058
Found in the heart of downtown, Texas T Pub doesn’t exactly fit in with most other bars in the area. Best described as a dive bar, this watering hole makes for a great hideout from all the folks you’re trying to avoid. The drinks are cheap? And it’s open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. on the daily?! We’re sold.
Photo via Instagram / serpent.of.eleven.chariots
Cross-Eyed Seagull
19141 Stone Oak Pkwy #206, (210) 545-3440, facebook.com/CrossEyedSeagullSA
Whether you live in the area or are flocking to Stone Oak to get boozy further from home, Cross-Eyed Seagull will be a safe hideout for your drinking activities sans any awkward run-ins. Come in the later hours for a nightclub feel that surprisingly works with the nautical-themed digs that’s complete with generous drink specials.
Photo via Yelp / Kristin C.
The Green Lantern
20626 Stone Oak Pkwy #101, (210) 497-3722, thegreenlanternsa.com
If your idea of not encountering anyone you know means staying hidden, you’ll be smart to head to Green Lantern. Located in Stone Oak, this underground bar offers speakeasy vibes that will guarantee you have all the privacy you want. Consider the contemporary cocktails on deck here a nice cherry on top.
Photo via Instagram / thegreenlanternsa
Thirsty Camel Bar
5307 McCullough Ave, (210) 780-0669, facebook.com/ThirstyCamelBar
While it’s easy to make friends here thanks to karaoke roulette, you don’t have to worry about running into folks you don’t want to see. This Olmos Park nightclub is a hoppin’ spot for live music and more, and is complete with a full bar. If you find the weather nice, there’s also space outside for you to sit back with a drink in hand.
Photo via Instagram / hiddlesfan
Menger Bar
204 Alamo Plaza, (210) 223-4361, mengerhotel.com
While lots of locals flock to sexy hotel bars on special occasions (or for their routine booze fests), Menger Bar is one you go to to get away. With dark interiors and a historic aspect (ask the bartender about Teddy Roosevelt and you’ll understand), the bar is an exact replica of the House of Lords Pub in London. Though it’s unlikely you’ll see anyone besides tourists taking in the hotel, you can tell any folks you don’t want to put with “Be gone from me!” in a British accent for dramatic effect.
Photo via Instagram / wyattwalks
Rookies Too
9200 Broadway St, (210) 375-6106, facebook.com
Sports on the TVs, shuffleboard in the back, pool tables, patio vibes — this watering hole has everything you’re looking for. Oh, and everyone you’re not. Trust us, you’ll be safe from unwanted visitors here.
Photo via Instagram / rach_0902
Cobalt Club
2022 McCullough Ave, (210) 251-2027, facebook.com
If you’re paranoid about having a drink without running into people you know, you’ll be safe grabbing a drink at Cobalt Club — especially if you stop by in the morning. Serving up drinks 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily (except Sundays when it opens at 10:30 a.m.), we’d be surprised if you encountered someone you know at this iconic dive.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
The Three Legged Monkey
2313 NW Military Hwy #115, (210) 340-9233, thethreeleggedmonkey.com
While everyone you went to high school with dances the night away at Thirsty Horse Saloon, you’ll be able to head down the street and down your booze at Three Legged Monkey. With weekend DJs and bar specials always, you’ll find your safe space at this hangout.
Photo via Instagram / tejanaland
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8531 Perrin Beitel Road, (210) 590-3223, facebook.com
Whether you’re here for happy hour specials, a couple of rounds of pool or the live music taking over for the night, you’ll be surrounded by lots of different people when drinking at Boozehounds. Don’t worry though, you won’t run into anyone you know — whether you want to see them or not.
Photo via Instagram / ar.clarence
9503 Console Dr, (210) 593-9878, facebook.com/boneheadzbar
I-10 Icehouse remains a solid spot for drinking for cheap and having fun, but being a popular spot comes with a price. If you’d rather not take the chance of seeing people you don’t fuck with anymore, you can head across the street to this hidden watering hole. With an aesthetic that’s a cross between a barn, a church and a frat house, take it from us that this spot is all for the bros.
Photo via Yelp / Michelle M.
Cootey’s Tavern
8318 Jones Maltsberger Rd #128, (210) 342-4998, facebook.com
Looking for an unpretentious spot where people go to drink it up, but also hide out? Cootey’s Tavern is probably what you have in mind. Though you can expect a steady crowd since the bar has pool, darts, shuffleboard and weekend karaoke, it’s not likely to be a place you’ll run into people you’re trying to avoid.
Photo via Instagram / heatherdeekay
McFinnigan’s Pub
7210 Blanco Road, (210) 314-4194, facebook.com/McFinnigans
Those who appreciate a good pub will definitely want to swing by McFinnigan’s. The drinking spot is in full spirit of an Irish tavern, from the lineup of beers right down to the sports across the TVs around the bar. In the off chance that you do encounter someone you know here, why not throw out an Irish accent for the heck of it? You can just blame it on the alcohol.
Photo via Instagram / divalicious1118
Rod Dog's Saloon
2617 Wagon Wheel, (210) 828-2582, facebook.com/RodDogSaloon
Open from noon to 2 a.m. daily, this strip-mall bar is dependable for when you need to get your drink on almost any time of day. Thankfully, this spot also comes through for when you want to grab a drink and not worry about folks you don’t want to run into. While Rod Dog’s is known for its drink specials and chill vibes, it’s not the type of spot where you go to when “going out.”
Photo via Instagram / godzilla_banzai
Web House
320 Blanco Road, (210) 531-0100, webhousecafe.com
Sit out on the deck or grab a seat at the bar — no matter where you post up, you won’t be seeing folks you don’t want to see. The no-frills spot comes through that way, as well as with a pool table and live entertainment from time to time. Feel free to stop by between 4 p.m. and 2 a.m. to hang out without any unfortunate run-ins.
Photo via Instagram / shaunsee

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