San Antonio Tortillerias, Molinos and Restaurants Where You Can Find Authentic Tortillas 

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We know, we know. Nobody will ever make tortillas as good as your mama or abuela can. But if you're in a time crunch or just need to get your tortilla fix, you can trust these local molinos and restaurants to come through. And of course you can trust a bunch of puro tortillerias to deliver the goods. Here's some of the tasty places you can get your fill of tortillas.
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Del Rio Tortilla Factory
1402 Gillette Blvd, (210) 922-4810,
A South Side favorite for all sorts of molino finds, Del Rio delivers on the tortilla front. Choose from the traditional toss-up between flour or corn, or go for the wheat option.
Photo via Instagram / onexdeep
La Monita Tortilleria
3202 Guadalupe St, (210) 432-0332,
Located in the heart of the West Side, La Monita sells their masa ready to go, as well as corn and flour tortillas. They also have some delicious AF barbacoa, in case you need any ideas on what to pair with your dozens of tortillas.
Photo via Facebook / La Monita Tortilleria
Bedoy’s Bakery
Multiple locations,
Come for the pan dulce, stay for the tortillas. White corn tortillas and pita-like tortillas de harina are what’s in store at this San Antonio staple that’s delighted with their pan dulces for more than 50 years.
Photo via Instagram / mrschadenfreude
La Bandera Molino
2619 N Zarzamora St, (210) 434-0631
Fresh flour tortillas are definitely worth the wait at this shop which is stuffed to the brim with Mexican ingredients, cookware and more.
Photo via Instagram / iamdj_therapy210
Tortilleria Los Reyna
5405 S Flores St, (210) 274-8846
Nestled in the heart of the Harlandale community, this no-frills tortilleria keeps it simple with delicious bites and freshly-made tortillas. Corn or flour, take your pick, but the real decision is whether you’ll be able to leave without getting some tamales or barbacoa too.
Photo via Google Maps / Tortilleria Los Reyna
Victoria Tortilla & Tamales Factory
737 Division Ave, (210) 922-5274
Just off of I-35 you’ll find a prime spot for homemade flour and corn tortillas. Found in the South Side and dating back to the ‘70s, this factory of sorts has made-fresh tortillas – corn and flour, of course – plus all the molino treats that go perfect with your masa-based delicacies.
Photo via Instagram / tito3000
La Luz Tortilla Factory
4120 Blanco Road, (210) 734-8523,
Fans claim La Luz has the best tortillas in the city, but we’ll leave that up to you. Flour and corn are both up for grabs here, and some say you’ll just want to eat them straight out of the bag. If you decide to stop in to sample what this place is about, you might as well wait til you’re hungry so you can enjoy the barbacoa pizza and Big Red.
Photo via Instagram / thealexmanuel
La Amistad Tortilleria
2754 Culebra Road, (210) 435-0561,
With more than 20 years of serving up the goods to the Alamo City, La Amistad puts out both corn and flour tortilla, though the recipe for the latter is the prize that has been passed down from generation to generation. Get some masa to take home and try your hand at it if you’re really trying to have something homemade.
Photo via Google Maps / La Amistad Tortilleria
Teka Molino
Multiple locations,
More than 60 years in business have made Teka a first stop when on the prowl for tortillas de maiz. Stop in to eat or grab your stuff to go, just make sure tortillas are part of your order.
Photo via Instagram / tacosr4lovers
Pila’s Molino
519 Enrique M. Barrera Pkwy, (210) 361-3866,
You can obviously expect authentic, homemade tortillas from Pila’s. Made fresh daily, these tortillas will hit the spot either you buy them by the dozen or just have a couple with your meal. You can also buy masa by the pound for just $1!
Photo via Yelp / Angelica G.
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Sanitary Tortilla Company
623 Urban Loop, (210) 226-9209,
Legendary tortillas come from legendary places, the most rustic and corn-tasting of the bunch during our haphazard taste-test, Sanitary’s tortillas can’t be beat. Seriously, trust us on this one.
Photo via Instagram / brontosaurusbreath
Rios Barbacoa
Multiple locations
Getting barbacoa from Rios? You might as well get a 10-pack tortillas while you’re at it. Choose between corn or flour, and don’t forget to pick up some salsa too.
Photo via Instagram / sanantoniostephanie
Tortilleria La Grande
Multiple locations, 1622 Pleasanton Road // 243 Castroville Road
With one location on the South Side and another on the West Side, you know that pretty much means that this tortilleria is authentic as can be. Choose between tortillas de harina or tortillas de maiz, or just have fun and get both!
Photo via Google Maps / Tortilleria La Grande
Photo Courtesy of Chef Johnny Hernandez
Chef Johnny Hernandez works with the Kohlleppel family— a third-generation farm family based in LaCoste, Texas— to harvest non-GMO corn varieties that are used to make the tortillas, chips, tamales and tostadas found in Hernandez’s resturants.
Los Angeles Tortilleria & Restaurant
300 N Zarzamora St, (210) 435-2400
A favorite that brings in fans from across San Anto with their tortillas, tamales and tacos, Los Angeles won us over with their white and red corn tortillas and their flaky and flavorful flour renditions.
Photo via Yelp / Walter S.
Adelita Tamales & Tortilla Factory
1130 Fresno, (210) 733-5352,
It’s all in the name, y’all. Opened in 1938, this operation is family-owned and offers fresh white and yellow corn tortillas in various sizes along with fresh flour tortillas. Take in the show at the window and get inspired to get some masa to take home.
Photo via Instagram / mg911
B. Martinez Sons Company
623 S Leona St, (210) 226-6772
Whether you want your tortillas already made or want the masa to make them just the way you like them, this family-owned outpost lets you do either – or both if you’re really feeling like tortillas.
Photo via Google Maps / Ignacio Martinez
La Michoacana Meat Market
Multiple locations,
La Michoacana Meat Market carries yellow and white corn tortillas made in their Houston plant that retain all their freshness after being delivered. With a number of locations across San Antonio filled with all sort of Latino products, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for and more.
Photo via Instagram / chaoritchie
Alamo Cafe
Multiple locations,
If you stop by Alamo Cafe for the queso and tortillas, you’re not alone. The great thing is that you can take these tasty tortillas – available in flour, corn and wheat flour – home with you. These legendary tortillas are available by the dozen and half dozen.
Photo via Instagram / alamocafe
Las Cazuelas Restaurant
645 Chalmers Ave, (210) 932-1785,
You’ve probably passed this orange building on I-35 a million times, but stop in next time you’re on the South Side. Homemade fresh on the comal, these flour tortillas are no joke. While a dozen for $4 may sound like a lot, they’re worth every penny.
Photo via Google Maps / Fredrick Gionne
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Multiple locations,
We know what you’re thinking. While H-E-B is 100 percent Texan AF, it’s not always the most puro. But, for a quick fix, you can definitely trust our favorite grocery store to have your tortilla needs covered – so long as they’re the ones from the bakery and not from the bread aisle. Convenience can’t be beat, and neither can their selection of corn tortillas (and the elusive nopal if you’re down!)
Photo via Instagram / jc_wills8
Del Rio Tortilla Factory
1402 Gillette Blvd, (210) 922-4810,
A South Side favorite for all sorts of molino finds, Del Rio delivers on the tortilla front. Choose from the traditional toss-up between flour or corn, or go for the wheat option.
Photo via Instagram / onexdeep

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