Where to Find the Best Tamales in San Antonio 

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While San Antonians love tamales any time of the year, December is when we lose self-control and eat every tamal (don't @ us, it's correct) we lay eyes on. If the tamales your family makes just aren't enough to satisfy your antojo, here are some local spots that you can trust to hit the spot.
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La Monita Tortilleria Factory
3202 Guadalupe St, (210) 432-0332, facebook.com
In the heart of the West Side, you’ll find this well-loved tortilleria that comes through on all fronts. While there’s much to appreciate from this menu, you’ll definitely want to stock up on tamales. Luckily this spot is open every day of the week in December, so you can have these delicious tamales on the regular if you’d like.
Photo via Yelp / Jesse G.
Los Angeles Tortilleria & Restaurant
300 N Zarzamora St, (210) 435-2400, facebook.com
A restaurant, tortilleria and panaderia all in one, this growing local chain has a lot to offer foodies with an appetite. Hungry foodies who stop by the Zarzamora location on Saturdays or Sundays will be able to indulge in tamales by the dozen, available in pork and chicken.
Photo via Instagram / queenoftacostx
Victoria Tortilla & Tamales Factory
737 Division Ave, (210) 922-5274, facebook.com/VictoriaFactorySA
Good things are worth waiting for — take Victoria Tortilla & Tamales Factory as proof. This laid-back spot knows what it’s doing in the kitchen, from the tortillas and beans (just wait ‘til you try ‘em) to, of course, the tamales. Grab a few dozen and get the party started.
Photo via Instagram / tito3000
Olgitas Molino
1603 N PanAm Expy, (210) 225-6364, facebook.com/olgitasmolino
Open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, you have plenty of opportunities throughout the week to score freshly-made tamales from Olgitas. This molino keeps it real with tacos, tortillas, barbacoa and yes, tamales (only pork, but we’re not complaining). There’s even space for you to sit back and down a few tamales before you hit the road.
Photo via Yelp / Claudia M.
Martinez Barbacoa Y Tamales
728 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 734-6621, facebook.com
This Fredericksburg Road outpost is loved by those in the neighborhood as well as folks willing to drive across town for this goodness. The humble eatery is known for its offerings of barbacoa, tacos, carnitas, lengua, chicharrones and more — which means lots of tamales. You’ll definitely want to stock up on all the goods here.
Photo via Instagram / mikaziljanessa
Mimi’s Barbacoa and Tamales Y Mas
10918 Wurzbach Road #134, (210) 558-6008, facebook.com/MimisBarbacoa
Near the intersection of Wurzbach and Vance Jackson you’ll be able to find a poppin’ joint that serves tamales six days out of the week. This counter-serve spot has lots to offer, including pork tamales year-round as well as jalapeño and chicken during the holiday season.. Oh, and they also have buñuelos!
Photo via Instagram / emmanuel_delfin
Delicious Tamales
Multiple locations, delicioustamales.com
Not many cities have tamal chains, but San Antonio is just like that. With seven locations throughout the Alamo City, Delicious Tamales is a super dependable stop for when hunger strikes and the only cure is tamales. Available by the dozen, you can stock up on fillings like jalapeño bean, pork, chicken and even a Southwest vegetarian option. They even make tamale poppers!
Photo via Instagram / erikjongustafson
Trevino’s Barbacoa
13233 Nacogdoches Road, (210) 646-8346
A respectable joint for Mexican meats, menudo and more, Trevino’s Barbacoa also serves up tasty tamales for when you’re in the mood. Which is always, right? Just be sure to stop by when they’re open on the weekends.
Photo via Google Maps
Morenita Barbacoa
4302 S Flores St, (210) 409-2783, facebook.com/MORENITABARBACOA
Not far from Rudy’s Seafood you’ll find Morenita Barbacoa, not to be confused with La Morenita Tortilleria. This South Side outpost not only dishes out flavorful barbacoa, but also stuffed tamales. Make plans to come when MB is open on the weekends and trust us, you’ll be eating good here.
Photo via Yelp / Morenita Barbacoa
Los Cocos Fruteria Y Taqueria
1502 Bandera Road, (210) 431-7786
In addition to serving up some refreshing fruit cups, Los Cocos also makes a lot of scrumptious Mexican fare from the taqueria portion of its business. Here you’ll also be able to find tamales, which are actually enormous and super flavorful, wrapped in banana leaves. While you may not order a dozen to go, you’ll be happy stopping in for a fix here.
Photo via Yelp / Jennifer L.
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B & B Tamales and Food To Go
866 W Mayfield Blvd, (210) 921-0847
While the South Side can be trusted for all varieties of Mexican dishes, B & B Tamales is a standout for its namesake. The tiny restaurant comes through with dozens of tamales waiting to be picked up and devoured. Rumor has it that Mr. Bill Miller himself (the man behind the barbecue chain) used to love these tamales.
Photo via Instagram / injaimesshoes
Ruben’s Homemade Tamales
1807 Rigsby Ave, (210) 337-0025, facebook.com
Homemade tamales make all the difference when you’re hungry in December (or really any time of year). Over on Rigsby you’ll find some of SA’s favorite tamales at Ruben’s, where the lines may be long this time of year, but that’s only because it’s just that tasty. Choose from specialties like bean, chicken and pork with jalapeño.
Photo via Yelp / Dale H.
La Bandera Molino
2619 N Zarzamora St, (210) 434-0631
A look at the exterior and you’ll realize that La Bandera has all the makings of a solid molino. This hole-in-the-wall molino definitely keeps it real with a massive food lineup, that includes tamales available by the dozen. You’ll likely be coming here week after week in no time.
Photo via Instagram / iamdj_therapy210
La Luz Tortilla Factory
4120 Blanco Road, (210) 734-8523, facebook.com/laluztortillas
Although you can’t make your Mondays better with tamales from La Luz, you can make any other day of the week brighter with a dozen of the goods. This local tortilla factory knows what it’s doing — just take the tortillas and tamales (not greasy, but plenty filling) on deck here as proof.
Photo via Google Maps
Tellez Tamales & Barbacoa
Multiple locations, tellez-tamales-barbacoa-factory.business.site
With two locations in San Antonio, it’s not too difficult to score tamales from Tellez. The long lines? Well, that’s another story. But take it as this — these flavorful tamales are worth waiting for. And with other treats like barbacoa and menudo on the menu, you’ll have a hard time staying away.
Photo via Instagram / rg_coupe
Culebra Meat Market
Multiple locations, culebrameatmarkets.com
With plenty of locations throughout the Alamo City, it’s not hard to get your fill of molino bites at Culebra Meat Market. Barbacoa, carnitas and tortillas are up for grabs here, as are tamales by the dozen on the weekends. Go on, treat yourself.
Photo via Yelp / Jai J.
Los Valles Produce
3915 Nogalitos St, (210) 927-9595
A fruit stand that brings the South Side all sort of Mexican snacks, Los Valles also comes through with its tamales. Full of flavor, these goodies go down extra nice with a warm cup of champurrado.
Photo via Yelp / Roland C.
Tamale Boy Tacos & Tamales
5300 S Flores St, (210) 663-2033, satamaleboy.com
Open Thursdays through Sundays, it’s easy to have a badass weekend with an order of tamales from Tamale Boy. This South Side storefront may be small, but they will definitely come through with more than 15 varieties of tamales — from classics like pork and beef as well as less-common combinations like carne guisada and cheese.
Photo via Instagram / lizarrdqueen
La Casa De Barbacoa
2201 NW Loop 410, Castle Hills, (210) 340-0999, lacasadebarbacoa.com
Over in Castle Hills you’ll be able to feast on all the Mexican favorites that San Antonio know and love. You’ll want to accompany your spicy barbacoa with tamales, which are up for grabs by the dozen. Just don’t forget the Big Red!
Photo via Instagram / bigsexy87
Del Rio Tortilla
1402 Gillette Blvd, (210) 922-4810, delriotortillas.com
This humble South Side spot is prized for its Mexican treats, including barbacoa and tortillas. Consider your life that much better with the tamales from here in your belly. Available cooked or raw, you can score these tamales in the traditional flavors — pork, chicken and bean to name a few.
Photo via Instagram / al_valdez1
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Teka Molino
Multiple locations, tekamolino.com
From its two San Antonio locations, Teka Molino brings lots of Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes to local foodies. Naturally, the menu includes tamales — which you can order individually (just 80 cents each!) or by the pound. Whether you have a craving you need to fix or need to order up for a party, you’ll be in good hands here.
Photo via Instagram / mark1buzz
Papi's Barbacoa
68 Harwood Dr, (210) 377-1803
This strip mall joint may not look like much, but you’ll be able to stock up on all the goods here. You may be tempted to get your fill of barbacoa (as you should), but you’ll also want to save room for tamales. Open 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekends, Papi’s Barbacoa serves up tamales by the dozen, as well as menudo and tortillas.
Photo via Yelp / Julie F.
La Grande
1622 Pleasanton Road, (210) 921-1502, facebook.com
Mexican market goods await you at La Grande, where you’ll be able to find barbacoa, tortillas, menudo and tamales too. Pork tamales to be exact, so you’ll be getting the good stuff here.
Photo via Google Maps
Sarah’s Barbacoa
6330 De Zavala Road, Suite 103, (210) 263-9955, facebook.com/sarahsbarbacoa
A relative newcomer to the local food scene, Sarah’s Barbacoa is a dependable spot for quick-fix of Mexican bites. Although closed on Mondays, this De Zavala storefront can be hit up for tamales by the dozen. You may as well grab (at least) a pound of the namesake barbacoa while you’re there.
Photo via Instagram / sanantoniolovelist
El Folklor Bakery
Multiple locations, facebook.com/elfolklorbakeryrandolph
With three locations throughout San Antonio, it won’t be hard for locals to hit up this bakery for something savory — but also sweet. In addition to freshly-baked pan dulce, this bakery chain also serves up tamales and barbacoa, at least on the weekends. It can’t get much better than that, y’all.
Photo via Yelp / Brandi P.
Los Hermanos Tortilleria
303 Commercial Ave, (210) 922-0219, facebook.com
If you’re looking for all of the Mexican goods that keep us a rotund city, you’ll find that and more. On the menu you’ll find varieties of tamales that’ll hit the spot — including a puro bean and jalapeño mixture, pork and chicken.
Photo via Yelp / Jenn B.
Adelita Tamales & Tortilla Factory
1130 Fresno, (210) 733-5352, adelitatamales.com
A local favorite for puro treats, tortillas and tamales are always up for grabs here. Swing by and you’ll be able to score housemade treats that’ll taste just like your abuela made them. Maybe not exactly, you definitely won’t be complaining.
Photo via Instagram / amariecalvo
Chilito’s Express
826 Johns Rd, Boerne, (210) 410-9664, chilitosexpress.com
Though technically in Boerne, Chilito’s Express can hold its own against SA-based tamal makers. This part food truck, part caterer venture packs lots of flavor into its tamales, available in fillings like spicy pork as well as bacon, bean and jalapeño. Go on, put in your order soon, fam!
Photo via Instagram / chilitosexpress
Granny’s Tamales
Mobile food truck, (361) 903-2823, facebook.com/grannystamalesSA
Originally started in Corpus Christi more than 20 years ago, Granny’s Tamales now serves San Antonio. Through mobile-only orders, local foodies can get their fill of tamales (or at least try — does the limit even exist?). Just be sure to get your orders in early so this mom-and-pop business can serve you.
Photo via Yelp / Daryll B.
La Monita Tortilleria Factory
3202 Guadalupe St, (210) 432-0332, facebook.com
In the heart of the West Side, you’ll find this well-loved tortilleria that comes through on all fronts. While there’s much to appreciate from this menu, you’ll definitely want to stock up on tamales. Luckily this spot is open every day of the week in December, so you can have these delicious tamales on the regular if you’d like.
Photo via Yelp / Jesse G.

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