The Weirdest Texas News Stories of 2018 

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We're not Florida weird, but some pretty weird shit goes down here in the Lone Star State. Here's some of the weirdest statewide news stories we covered this year.
OF 51
This made national news, y'all. Read more.
She thought she had to use the restroom. Instead she gave birth. Read more.
This was a bunch of monkey business. Read more.
Don't mess with this grandma. Read more.
Still can't believe this one. Read more.
We're still cringing. Read more.
He sure did miss the drive-thru lane. Read more.
We can't help but laugh. Read more.
Talk about peaking in high school. Read more.
We'll have whatever he was smoking. Read more.
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"Making my way downtown..." – the spool
Read more.
Gross! Read more.
Oh, and they got to keep the money. Read more.
He got caught trying to sneak back into the prison. Read more.
You already know the driver was drunk AF. Read more.
Pour one of for these tortilla chips. Read more.
Believe it or not, this was our most-consistently read blogs of the year. Read more.
You can bet he got a whopping when he got home. Read more.
We're still horrified by the sight of Coyote without eyes. Read more.
*deletes Facebook* Read more.
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Wut in tarnation. Read more.
Bet he wishes he would have swiped left. Read more.
Imagine if your heirloom suit of amor was stolen. Read more.
He was seriously flashing and masturbating all over town. Read more.
Please don't listen to this lady, fam. Read more.
We're still really sad. Read more.
He's passed up on the offer. Read more.
There's a gator at the Walmart! Read more.
RIP Blockbuster. Read more.
Seriously, how much more Texan can you get? Read more.
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This was a messy one. Read more.
Ok, so meth labs are a thing. But setting up at an abandoned Burger King? That's bold. Read more.
You mad, bro? Read more.
Some people... Read more.
Jimmy Kimmel will never live this down. Read more.
We get it, TJH. You have money. Read more.
Oh hell no, somebody get the holy water. Read more.
A corny dad was obviously behind all of the puns. Read more.
His apology was pretty weak, too. Read more.
Then again, who can blame him? Read more.
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Don't mess with Texas women. Read more.
We're surprised this thing was still all in one piece. Read more.
We guess Pam really hates Austin. Read more.
We'd sign on a home just for the tacos. Read more.
Hands down the weirdest era in Spurs history. Read more.
Your move, Clark Griswold. Read more.
Writer Priya Krishna said that H-E-B's legacy is unlike any other grocery chain. Why? Texas Pride. Read more.
Like 30 mph slow. Read more.
Guess nobody ever told him not to believe everything he read on the internet. Read more.
Oh, brother. Read more.
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He got a free trip to Washington D.C. All he had to do was lobby against a law the Saudis opposed. Read more.
This made national news, y'all. Read more.

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